Trojan Stone-Lock Pebble Flooring

When you’re looking for an easy way to give your building’s exterior new aesthetic appeal, try our Trojan stone-lock. As pebble flooring that we can place over virtually any other type of flooring, it’s convenient and requires minimal interference from our flooring team. By installing pebble flooring in Shepparton, you can rejuvenate your building and give it a fresh, enticing appearance.

Trojan stone-lock for indoor and outdoor settings

Trojan stone-lock is available for indoor and outdoor settings. We can lay it over new or old concrete, which means it has faster turnaround times than many other flooring methods. Although we can use pebble flooring anywhere, years of experience tells us that it’s particularly beneficial for damaged and uneven slabs.

When using Trojan stone-lock indoors, you have a unique opportunity to create an outdoor haven in an inside setting. If you surround it with indoor water features and appropriate plants, you can create a contemporary environment that visitors to your home or business will love.

Alternatively, adding pebble flooring to the outside of your property is an excellent way to complement low-maintenance settings. More and more people are choosing to step away from mulch and bark, and instead they’re choosing decorative flooring to keep weeds under control.

An experienced team that’ll prioritise your pebble flooring

At Trojan Flooring, our experienced team will prioritise your pebble flooring in the way you deserve. We have many years of experience in serving the Shepparton community, as well as the surrounding areas. Whether your flooring task is big or small, we’ll treat it with the highest degree of importance. Once we’re finished, we’re confident you’ll continue loving our low-maintenance pebble flooring for years to come.

To learn more about Trojan stone-lock flooring in Shepparton, call us at 0429721374 or email