Industrial Flooring

In industrial settings, the need for durable, functional flooring is paramount. We’ve worked with industrial clients throughout Australia and understand how critical having the right flooring is. Our flooring specialists offer a variety of advanced flooring solutions that can meet all the needs of heavy industry and high traffic facilities, from non-slip epoxy flooring to other hard-wearing options like polished concrete.

Industrial Floor Covering

Epoxy is one of the most frequently used options in industrial settings. At Trojan Flooring, we use a premium epoxy resin system to offer our clients superior results at an affordable price. For factories, workshops, warehouses, chemical plants, and other high-demand locations, the slip-resistance and easy maintenance are invaluable. Once your epoxy flooring is in place, you’ll have a beautiful, clean-looking flooring system that will maintain its fresh aesthetic and smooth surface for years with only basic surface cleaning.

We can even add your logo or another custom design to your epoxy industrial flooring. Let us know what you envision, and our experienced tradesmen and chemical coating experts can create it for you.

Concrete Industrial Flooring

Another excellent option for industrial flooring is concrete. Like epoxy, concrete can handle extensive use without showing signs of wear or damage. It’s also suitable for high-moisture areas or factories and other locations where chemicals and other abrasives are used.

Browse our choices for polished concrete flooring. We can create different aesthetic finishes and grind levels to give you the perfect flooring for your warehouse, manufacturing plant, or other industrial location.

Contact Trojan Flooring today to find out more about our industrial flooring options. We can also prepare your sub-flooring before installing your new ultra-durable floor covering to give you unparalleled results.