Floor Removal

Are you looking for a floor removal service in Shepparton? Whether it’s carpet or tile removal, we’re confident the team at Trojan Flooring can deliver the results you want. Working throughout Shepparton, our floor removal services are ideal for when you want to lay new flooring or change the type of flooring you use throughout your home or business.

Taking the strain out of floor removal

There’s no denying that floor removal is a big job. At the same time, it’s essential when you need to place new carpet, tiles, vinyl, or concrete throughout your property. Whether you’re carrying out carpet removal or tackling another material, you’ll also find that your proficiency during the removal process influences the outcomes of your new floor.

At Trojan Flooring, this is something we understand. With years of experience in floor removal, we know what it takes to remove floors efficiently and successfully add new ones. Whether you need us for tile removal or to tackle another material, you can rest assured we’ll strive for the best results.

Tile removal and more

Tile removals can often feel laborious, especially when you don’t have the right tools. Fortunately, the Trojan Flooring team has everything that’s required for successfully removing tiles. After pulling up your existing tiles or stone flooring, we’ll self-level or grind the surface beneath to ensure it’s even. After evening out the surface, we can carry out further preparations to make sure it’s ready for your next floor laying project. As a result, you won’t need to worry about experiencing too much downtime. No matter how big or small the job is, we’re ready to take it on.

If you’re ready to use our floor removal services in Shepparton, call us at 429721374 or email office@trojanflooring.com.