What Is the Most Durable Commercial Flooring for High Traffic Areas?

When it comes to business premises, the cheapest flooring option isn’t always the best. A business needs to take into account factors such as appearance, safety, hygiene, and how practical the floor is to install and maintain. Strength and durability are also a priority. The last thing a business needs is an extra expense when the floor is damaged or begins to look shabby due to high traffic.

Why High Traffic Areas Need Durable Flooring

High traffic in commercial areas can include human footfall and myriad footwear, trolleys, carts and wheels, and potential liquid and chemical spills. Depending on the nature of the business, it could also include forklifts, trucks and cars. All of these things necessitate hard-wearing, durable flooring. However, flooring in a commercial area should also make and leave a good impression on customers, staff and visitors. It needs to reflect the competency, proficiency and professionalism the company wants its audience to associate with the brand.

With this in mind, consider the following types of flooring materials. These are all great options for durable flooring that can withstand plenty of wear and tear in high traffic areas.

Polished Concrete

Concrete floors are extremely durable, almost impossible to chip, fast to install and easy to clean. Hard-wearing flooring doesn’t come much tougher than this. Concrete floors can even withstand pressure from heavy equipment and vehicles. Choose from standard polishes and custom mix solutions to achieve a polished concrete floor that is as stylish and glossy as it is enduring.

Epoxy Flooring

With epoxy flooring, an epoxy coating is applied to a substrate, usually a concrete floor. The result is a non-porous, chemical-resistant floor that is strong enough for manufacturing facilities, automotive garages, factories and even hangars. Epoxy flooring looks amazing, is smooth but not slippy, and is hygienic and easy to keep clean.

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Trojan Stone-Lock Pebble Flooring

Trojan Stone-Lock is pebble flooring that can be placed over old flooring. Suitable for outdoor use, it’s ideal for installing over the top of damaged and uneven slabs, saving a lot of hard work and expense. Trojan Stone-Lock can also be used indoors and is perfect to create an outdoor-haven indoors, for example with plants and a water feature.

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are great for high traffic areas indoors. They feel luxuriously soft underfoot, help to absorb sound, and when a tile or section of tiles became worn, they’re easy to replace. Choose carpet tiles that are hard wearing and they won’t easily wear away.

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Rubber Flooring

Perfect for gyms, hospitals and labs, rubber flooring is slip-resistant and sound absorbent. It’s also cushioned, so it feels great underfoot. Rubber flooring helps keep employees comfortable if their work involves them having to be on their feet for large portions of the working day.


For stunning flooring that incorporates logos and designs, Terrazzo is a great choice. It’s not really suitable for smaller areas because one of its advantages is that it’s more cost-effective in larger areas. Terrazzo is perfect for airports, showrooms or impressive entrance ways.

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Quarry Tile

Made from hard-fired clay, quarry tile is popular in commercial kitchens due to its functionality and durability. Install quarry tiles with epoxy grout and thin-set adhesives to ensure it can handle heavy foot traffic, hot liquid spills and knocks, as well as grease and dirt.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

With so many options available, Luxury Vinyl Tile, known as LVT, can look just as good in a busy common area as an upscale restaurant. Customers can choose from a wide range of colours and patterns to achieve a floor that looks just like real wood, natural stone, or ceramic tiled floor. LVT is noise, scratch and water-resistant.

To talk about different types of flooring materials and the best flooring options for your environment, get in touch with the experts at Trojan Flooring. We take care of everything from start to finish, removing old flooring, preparing the subflooring, and installing the new floor according to your specifications.